Would you like to get rid of the wood?

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Dear residents,

I want to thank everybody for their support and patience while we work through the challenges of new ownership. Many of you probably noticed the huge mound of trash that accumulated over the past weekend. We have addressed this issue by getting a bigger trash container. Hopefully this will solve that nasty little problem.

I know some of you have heard me in your yards mowing. We have acquired a brand new Gravely ZTR mower that I have been putting to work on our grass situation. Since it is new, I am religiously following the maintenance schedule on it and it is due for an oil change at 8 hours which we are going to perform this morning before I can get back into your yards. You should be seeing me zipping around on it later this afternoon. One thing that residents can do to help me is to remove any branches or chunks of wood as well as rocks that can be picked up and thrown by the mower out of their yards. Keep in mind that the park rules state that although management will try to be careful not to damage property, we will not be held liable for broken glass, holes in siding, nicks in cars, etc. Be vigilant for anything that could potentially be thrown by the mower and remove it from your yard.

The big Kubota mower needs a bit of work and Max is on his way into town to get the parts. Hopefully we can get that one running soon to start working on the hillsides.

4 State Tree Service will be in the park on Monday to start clearing all the driftwood on the lake shore as well as removing several dead trees and limbs in the park. Once they have all the wood cleared out, they are going to perform a controlled burn of the wood pile down behind the marina.

As always, if you notice anything in the park that presents an imminent safety threat, please let me know immediately.


Carol Andrejak, Community Manager