Town Hall Meeting!

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Well it looks like we made it through our first 4th of July holiday under the new management. I survived the weekend with no major issues thanks again to the patience of our residents. We had room for everybody to park their boats and trailers and visitors cars without having to park down at the boat ramp. I received more than a few comments on how much nicer the view was without a line of boat trailers. That was one benefit. Mostly we made this change for safety reasons since the playground is right next to where the trailers used to be parked.

Soon we will have signs for guest parking down by the marina and on the east side of the office. Jet ski trailer parking can be in the grass on the east side of the shop. Those with boat trailers in the storage area will get signs for their spots so we can make that area more orderly. Guest boat trailers can be parked in the grass on the west side of the shop. This is the game plan I am aiming for and will work toward making it happen to help solve the parking confusion on holiday weekends. It’s always a lot better when residents know exactly where they can park their vehicles.

Did everybody notice that I finally got a golf cart? WOOT! No more trudging up the hill for me. Thanks to Jim and Patty Sorden for working a deal with me on their golf cart. I now have a sweet ride!

On July 8-12 our owner, Chris, will be at the park meeting with contractors and finishing the remodeling of the office. On Saturday, July 11, at 1:00 he will be hosting a Town Hall. This is your chance to get answers to those rumors you’ve been hearing and to find out what he has in mind for the future of Lakewood Village. Come out and spend some time with us and enjoy the refreshments!

Your hard-working manager,