Town Hall Meeting 2.0!

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Last week our owner paid us a visit to work on some improvements he’s been wanting to get finished for the park. One of those things is our office. I invite everybody who has not seen our new, remodeled office to come and check it out. The floor and painting are now finished and the result is a much more open atmosphere. We have a chess board on the coffee table for those who like the game as well as a double-12 set of dominoes, several decks of cards, some Farkel dice, and a cribbage board. Soon I will post a sign-up sheet for various games and we can start having game nights for those who like to play.

The Town Hall meeting was well attended and it definitely cleared the air and put to rest a lot of rumors. Chris laid out his plans for the future of the park and explained how he came about his decision to buy the property. He described how he plans on paving some of the gravel portions of the road and the parking lot behind the marina. He also wants to put a nice sign for the park out by the road but is still working out the details on where to effectively position it. He is also making some improvements to the bath house to make it fully functional. Some residents noted how there is now power in the building once again. Then he opened up the floor to questions from the residents. Here follows some of those questions and his answers:

Q. I hear we’re going to lose the playground to a parking lot.
A. No. The playground will stay. In fact, we are no longer allowing boat trailers to be parked next to the playground because of safety concerns. Visitors can park their cars in the lot behind the marina or on the east side of the office. Jet Ski trailers can be parked on the east side of the shop. All other boat trailers can be parked in the grass on the west side of the shop or up in the storage lot.

Q. Can we get power to the electrical outlets in the back of the gold dock?
A. We will put in a call to an electrician to get an estimate on how much it will cost and make a decision based on the estimate. So the answer is maybe.

Q. I heard that our rents are going to go up by $50.
A. Definitely not. But do expect a rent increase in the $10-$20 range some time next year. After that any rent increases will just be small increases until our park is competitive with rents of other parks like ours. I would also like to point out that any residents who pay their rent for the full year will pay 12 times whatever the rent is currently for the month they write the check.

Q. What about snow removal?
A. We are going to contract with Hutch for snow removal. Hutch plows the casino parking lot and is willing to plow our roads when necessary.

Q. I’ve heard kids down at the basketball court after 10pm playing. Aren’t there quiet hours?
A. Yes. Quiet hours are from 10pm till 8am. If anybody has a noise complaint, call Carol so she can investigate. Also, if anybody has any security concerns about strangers they see in the park please call Carol.

Q. Are we ever going to get indoor storage on the hill again?
A. No.

Q. What about a storm shelter?
A. We are looking into the possibility of reinforcing the roof on the bath house. Any kind of underground storm shelter is not feasible because of the rocky ground and all the sewer and water lines.

Q. What about a dog park?
A. I am not willing to foot the bill for a fence for a dog park, however, if the residents want to fund raise to pay the cost of the fencing, I will allow one to be located up on the hill behind the row of RV’s. It will be interesting to see if residents are willing to scoop poop to keep the dog park clean so all can enjoy without stepping in dog poop. I have heard several complaints from residents about owners not picking up poop when they walk their dogs now as it is. We have also bought two horseshoe sets for those residents who like to toss horseshoes. The pits will be located at the top of the hill near the double stumps as that appears to be the most level place.

Q. I heard that if we sell our trailers, that we can only sell to friends and families of the residents.
A. Not true. You can sell to anybody you want as long as they can pass a background check and are at least 55 years old. It is the weekend rental of unoccupied RV spaces that are limited to friends and families of our residents. Our goal is to have full-time RV residents in those spots so that is why we don’t rent them out monthly. Renting RV spots by the month tends to make us a seasonal park which I believe detracts from the visual impact of what we are trying to do here.

Q. What’s going on with the water in the park?
A. The water in the park is fine. We have contracted with Kreg Butler, a licensed water operator, to maintain our treatment and distribution system until Max and Carol can obtain their license from DEQ. They have both taken and passed the test. They should get their license in the mail in a few weeks. Until then, they are working closely with Kreg to maintain the correct chlorine residual in our water system. Last month the results of our bac-t test was negative, which is as it should be.

Q. What about the grass mowing and trimming? Seems that’s not being done like it used to be.
A. Mowing has been a challenge. I’ve invested in a new ZTR mower but the Kubota is becoming a hobby. The Kubota is supposed to be mowing the hill sides but it keeps breaking down and we’re having to wait on parts. Plus, this has been a very wet summer so far so that has also affected the mowing situation. Remember it takes at least 3 days for the hill sides to dry out before we can safely get the Kubota up there to mow. Carol now also has an electric grass trimmer so she can pitch in to help with weed eating.

That concluded the town hall meeting. As always, rumor control stops at the office. Come in and visit for a spell.

Your community manager,
Carol “Don’t let me catch you leaving dog poop” Andrejak