Pre-holiday Information

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First the good news… the water is steadily going down and the RV spots are beginning to dry out.

Now the bad news…. the lake is still very high yet as evidenced by the volleyball court and beach still being under water. The high water from May has also damaged the gangway to the swimming dock and we request all residents and guests not to use the swimming dock until the gangway can be repaired.

The boat launch is operational for some water craft. We are making a change this year where all vehicles (golf carts excepted) and trailers must be parked up on the hill on either side of the shop and office or in the storage area. There will no longer be any parking on the grass between the boat launch and the playground.

Residents are to make sure that any visiting family or guests know that they may be stopped for identification when they enter the park. Please make sure your visitors know what lot number you are or what your street address is as this is what we are going to be using to make sure that uninvited visitors are refused entry. If you don’t know your lot number, you can call the office to find out. Also please make sure that nobody parks on the grass around the homes. Any cars that cannot fit into a driveway are welcome to park behind the office or the shop.

There are going to be a lot of youngsters in our park for the holiday and they like to drive the golf carts. I want to remind all the residents that only children 14 years and older are allowed to drive golf carts without an adult. Younger children may drive if accompanied by a licensed adult.

I understand that fireworks can be a problem. Please, no fireworks in the park. Any visitors caught shooting fireworks will be asked to leave and residents will be penalized.

I hope everybody has a safe and fun 4th of July!