Paving Work

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parking lotToday Smith Paving finished our paving project in the park. They did $40K worth of work on four main areas: two parking spots by the office, the turn around in front of the lake side homes, the parking lot behind the marina, and the main entrance road to the park. Several residents had their driveways sealed or paved while they were here. Since it is so hot it is taking a long time for the asphalt to cool off and set. We hope to have the road and parking lot opened up for use by this weekend (August 1st). Until then we ask for everybody’s patience to endure the inconvenience of not being able to use these areas to give the pavement a chance to harden. It is still very soft because of the heat and if we go ahead and let cars drive on it, the tires will make unsightly divots in it when they are cut for a turn.

As a reminder, please don’t park down by the boat launch any more. There is parking up by the office, shop, and storage lot. Also I have noted that some residents are leaving the garage doors open in the gold dock. Please make sure that the big doors are closed so everybody’s property inside is secure. I’d like to remind all boat slip owners that it is a GRDA violation if extension cords are left laying anywhere along the walkway. They are not even supposed to be put between the deck boards. I know that power outlets are too few and far apart but try to keep the problem with the extension cords in mind when in use. Only use them while you are present in the slip and if you must leave them plugged in, try to run them UNDER the walkways.

Finally we should have our horseshoe pits very soon. We have all the materials needed to build the pits and are waiting on a break in the heat to dig them out. Many thanks to Dave Lee for his help on this project. And while I’m in thanking mode, I’d like to recognize Jim Beseau for all the work he’s done to and on the Kubota mower, Jesse Campbell for being my maintenance expert, Janet Mason for all her meticulous work on our office and rake work down by the lake, Brad Mason for fixing the decking on the courtesy dock walkway and sharpening the ZTR mower blades, Kathy Smith for her work on our flowers, Bob Dunagan and Shane Balch for helping with weed eating, and Genie Robbins for cleaning off our lakeside bench. Hopefully I have not forgotten anybody because so many have helped me since we’ve taken over the park and I’m grateful to all who have pitched in. What a wonderful community we have here!