Marina Update

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Recently we had a dock inspector examine the marina for GRDA and electrical code violations. I am happy to announce that we only have very few infractions to deal with to bring our docks up to specs. One of the items pointed out to me is that there are several lifts that are forced to use outlets located across the walkway to power the lifts. This is not a problem unless you leave the power cords plugged in. From now on, please unplug your lift controller and wrap the cord around the motor. Only plug it in when you need to use it.

We have several ideas in the works for improving the park. These will be looked at in detail when our owner, Chris, pays us a visit in July. Chris will be spending a few days at the park on July 7, 8, and 9 so this would be a good time to meet him if you haven’t already and to tell him any concerns that you have.

Finally I am so very grateful with everyone’s patience with the landscaping situation. We continue to be challenged by the big mower and it’s thirst for parts. I have dubbed it “Christine” because it seems to have evil intentions whenever we need it to work. Keep in mind that after it rains, it takes about 2-3 days for the hillside to dry out before it can be mowed in relative safety. In the meantime the grass takes advantage of the weather. Jesse has been a huge help in the wood gathering department as well as getting some weed eating done. Jim had a good run at the hill until Christine decided she’d had enough. We have the new part, though, and we should have her back out on the hill soon.